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Continuous improvements

In an increasingly tougher competition, companies and organizations can not afford to relax but need to constantly

develop processes and routines in order not to lose competitiveness. Working on continuous improvements becomes a necessary and natural part of the daily work and is also a requirement for maintaining the company's ISO certification.

Just a simple but efficient drive engine is needed to get things done. A system that makes the case management easy and brings together all enhancements at the same place: employee suggestions, customer opinions, deviations and incidents. Not only an IT support for proposals but also a hub in the improvement work!

Simple processThe system should be adaptable to your case management needs. Regardless of the case type, the flow can be structured in the same simple way:

The system should be versatile and be able to be used for several different case types depending on the needs of the company, for example:

  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Deviations
  • Complaints
  • Customer comments
  • Suggestions from improvement groups
  • Employee Suggestion
  • Meeting minutes
  • Praise
  • Auditing Deviations
  • Supplier Deviations
  • Action plans
  • Support Tickets
  • Incidents
  • Engineering Change Requests

It should be easy to connect the case management system to existing business systems, it must be easy to export data to and from and to customize to the company needs for case management and deviation management.

Finally the case management system must be easy to understand and to use or the full potential of working with continuous improvements is likely not to be reached. 



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