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Travel and expense management


Accounting of receipts and expenses is still paper-based in many companies and organizations and entails an intense workload for all

involved - the employee, reviewer, chief and the finance department..

The attestation is partly manual and paper based, partly digital depending on what is being verified. Often the same expense is certified more than once - the receipt itself and the invoice specification. Control and follow-up gets  complicated since all information is not easily found in one place.

Different surveys show that, on average, it takes between 30 and 60 minutes to handle a paper-based receipt - copy, stick to A4, save, retrieve for monthly compilation, remember what the receipt refers to, post, submit, review, certify , register into the system, pay ...

With a proper system support, the entire process is radically streamlined. The total amount of time for a receipt from purchase to payment drops to about 2 minutes while at the same time improving control and follow-up!
The repayment period for these projects is by nature very short.

By reviewing and certifying the business card's expenses against a card specification in the separate travel and expense management system (included in the above-mentioned 2 minutes), the card vendor may send a collector invoice once a month instead of separate invoices per card.

This also makes a big difference in the workload and in addition reduces the costs of supplier invoice management.




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