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Some quotes from earlier assignements


"A competent and experienced CFO and consultant with a broad
business perspective. Appreciated as a manager and colleague"             VD

"The assignment requires an experienced person with a high level of knowledge about business systems, financial processes and accounting. Furthermore, that person needs to be independent and quickly get an understanding of the problem statements and development alternative

solutions with relaterd decision making material. Johan has all of these
qualities combined with a social ability that is very important in a consultancy
role. This has meant that the objectives of the assignment were met with
high quality and according to plan "                                                           CFO

"All documents - policy, executive summary, the document
version 3.0 - really good work. Thank you!"                         Financial Manager

"Thank you for not only being a consultant but also a great colleague.

Service minded and always there when I needed help.

A true mentor.”                                                                                   Controller

"Extremely skilled with a broad knowledge of finance and IT. Whatever

the situation always calm and very helpful. Straightforward and
honest in all situations, working fast."                                                Controller


"Thank you for a good cooperation."                          Owner of an auditing firm


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